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Norths Devils Ironforge Security U17 Women’s Team Announced: Kristian Freed To Take the Helm as Head Coach

The Norths Devils Rugby League Football Club have made an exciting announcement, introducing Kristian Freed as the Head Coach of the Ironforge Security U17 Women’s Team. The club is thrilled to have him on board, as he brings with him a wealth of experience from his career.

His teaching background at Mount Maria College underscores his dedication to nurturing talent on and off the field, which is critical for players at this level. Freed’s ability to connect with his players and help them develop as athletes and valuable members of our community will undoubtedly be a major asset to the Norths Devils Rugby League Football Club.

Freed is no stranger to the sport, having played for the USA at the 2017 World Cup and has also served as the Met North Coach for Under-16 and Under-18 teams in 2023. His experience has allowed him to develop a keen understanding of the nuances of coaching young athletes.

As we look forward to the inaugural U17 female development arm of the Queensland Cup competition, we couldn’t be more thrilled to have Kristian at the helm, guiding our young athletes.

The club would like to thank the parents and guardians of these young athletes. Your unwavering support and encouragement provide a solid foundation for the players’ potential success. We understand the sacrifices you have made and the dedication you have shown in nurturing the aspirations of your young rugby league stars.

Only 34 have been selected to proceed into the preseason.

The competition was fierce, and we commend each player for their dedication and effort during the trials.

As the season unfolds, these young women will have the opportunity to hone their skills under the expert guidance of our development program as we hope to impart the values and principles that define the Norths Devils.

Introducing the 2024 Ironforge Security U17 Women’s Team

Congratulations to the 34 young women who have been selected for the squad. Here is your 2024 Ironforge Security U17 Women’s Team, a representation of the future of the Devils:

  1.   Aaliyah Murphy  
  2.   Aaliyah-Rose Tusiofo  
  3.   Annabel Hales  
  4.   Ari Finkelstein  
  5.   Ashley Cotter  
  6.   Bailey Sorbello  
  7.   Bailey Webb  
  8.   Cathy Sakaio  
  9.   Charlotte Emery  
  10.   Easter Taualai  
  11.   Emily Maher  
  12.   Eva Steers  
  13.   Isabelle Mason  
  14.   Jara’Kyah Turpin  
  15.   Jessica Cross  
  16.   Jessica Jahnke  
  17.   Jhenarie McAvoy-Turpin  
  18.   Katrina Hopkins  
  19.   Lana Bryan  
  20.   Letia Alefaio  
  21.   Lieseth Ware  
  22.   Manieya Aalders  
  23.   Matarhnie Benjamin  
  24.   Memphis Tanielu  
  25.   Nikkita Webb  
  26.   Nyeema Tuua  
  27.   Paige Stagg  
  28.   Rikiana Allan  
  29.   Shardae Livermore  
  30.   Sisilia Vaka
  31.   Tameira Wotton-Robertson  
  32.   Tina Abuk Gaw  
  33.   Tristin-Shae Peeni-Savelio  
  34.   Vaisaili Chan Kee