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Greatest Player of All Time Fan Poll

The Norths Devils have had an extraordinary number of top players at the club over the years.

From the beginning of Rugby League in the 30’s, to the dominant period of Norths in the 60’s, to the modern day legends of the 21st Century.

But who is the greatest of them all? We’re asking our fans to vote on who they think is the number one Norths Player over the next few weeks, with a 32 players tournament style voting competition.

The tournament will start with 8 groups of 4 which can been seen in the fixture below.

Note: some players were not included due to not playing many first grade Devils matches e.g. Jharal Yow Yeh


Group A – Henry Hegarty wins with 46/98 votes

Group B – Greg Inglis wins with 43/87 votes

Group C – Trevor Gillmeister wins with 43/121 votes

Group D – Ian Massie wins with 39/86 votes

Group E – Mark Murray wins with 40/87 votes

Group F – Fonda Metassa wins with 27/47 votes

Group G – Kevin Carmichael wins with 232/303 votes

Group H – Mark Graham wins with 37/79 votes

Bracket 1 Final – Henry Hegarty wins with 88/215 votes

Bracket 2 Final – Fonda Metassa wins with 48/142 votes

Grand Final now open for voting: