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The mission of the Norths Devils Belong Program is to build a feeling of belonging and improve well-being among our community, particularly with school children.

We believe all children should have a sense of belonging and connectedness that respects diversity and identity.

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Childhood is a crucial time for the development of healthy habits and creating a foundation for future well-being. Unfortunately, many children do not develop healthy well-being practices, which can lead to adverse outcomes later in life.

The Norths Devils Belong Program aims to educate children on key well-being habits and encourage healthy choices at this young stage in their lives.

Shane at Wavell 2020

In a relaxed, fun session at their school or sports club, they will be introduced to topics such as

  • Healthy eating & drinking water,
  • Sleeping habits & reducing screen time,
  • Being connected to & respecting others,
  • Self-awareness and personal growth,
  • Being active

As the program grows we aim to also cater to high school, university, and corporate settings.

Our goal is to build new connections in our community, and encourage those who are need to seek support from those around them.