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Norths Devils Extend Their Commitment to Feeder Clubs

The Norths Devils have announced an extended partnership with their feeder clubs, the West Brisbane Panthers and the Valleys Diehards, for the 2024 season. The collaboration aims to enhance opportunities for male and female player development by strategically allocating players between the Norths Devils and their affiliated clubs. Players not part of the Devils’ final 17 will continue to play in the Brisbane Rugby League Competition, ensuring steady progression for emerging talents and strengthening the local competition.

Apart from player exchange, the Panthers and Valleys will also contribute to the Devils’ pre-season training by allowing a select few to train and trial, commencing on November 3.

Through this collaboration, players will not only get a taste of the next level and learn what is expected of them but also improve their skills. Additionally, the coaching staff from both Panthers and Valleys will benefit from this ongoing partnership and receive additional development opportunities throughout the year. The exchange of ideas and coaching techniques between the two teams will lead to an improvement in the skills and knowledge of everyone involved, thereby enhancing the overall rugby league experience.

Troy Rovelli, CEO of the Norths Devils, expressed his reflections about the continued partnerships, stating, “We are happy to extend our agreements with the Panthers and Valleys for the 2024 season. These are two clubs entrenched in history within the Brisbane competition, and they both share our vision for player development and progression.”

The West Brisbane Panthers and Valleys Diehards are important strategic partners for the Norths Devils, highlighting the significance of these agreements. Rovelli explained, “Wests and Valleys are two crucial components of our Norths family. These agreements reinforce our commitment to developing rugby league and providing a pathway to the NRL & NRLW for local talent within our catchment area.”

As these partnerships evolve and strengthen, the Norths Devils are well-prepared to embark on the 2024 season with an even more enriched talent pool.

The affiliation with the West Brisbane Panthers and Valleys Diehards is a testament to the enduring dedication of all parties involved to the growth and development of rugby league in the region. The future promises an exciting season brimming with potential as the club solidifies its role as a nurturing ground for future rugby league champions.