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Norths Devils RLFC Announces Red Rock Recruitment U17 Head Coach & Train-On Squads for the 2024 Cyril Connell Challenge

Exciting Times for Young Talent in the Northern Districts!

The Norths Devils RLFC is delighted to welcome back Shayne Boyd as the Head Coach for the Red Rock Recruitment U17 Men. To one generation, he’s remembered as Shayne Boyd, the former Balmain and Penrith player from 1991 to 1993. To another, he’s “Tanah Boyd’s dad.” But within the Devils family, Shayne Boyd is recognised for his coaching prowess and the invaluable knowledge he imparts to the rising generation of rugby league talent.

Boyd, who served as the U21 Men’s Colts coach in 2023 and the U18 Men’s coach in 2022, is no stranger to the Devils’ coaching ranks. His return brings with it a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the game.

As Head Coach for the Red Rock Recruitment U17s, Boyd’s role extends beyond teaching the intricacies of the game. He is a mentor who guides these young men in mastering the sport and embracing the values and principles that define a Devil.

The Norths Devils Rugby League Football Club is proud to announce the 47 players who have earned their place in the pre-season train-on program. These individuals will vie for a spot in the top 30 of the Red Rock Recruitment Devils U17 team, set to compete in the forthcoming 2024 Cyril Connell Challenge.

The club was impressed to see 92 young players, each eager to showcase their skills. The organisers appreciated the players’ dedication and respect.

A Heartfelt “Thank You” to Parents

The club would like to thank the parents and guardians who will continue to stand by these young athletes throughout the selection process. Your unwavering support and encouragement serve as the foundation for the players’ journey toward potential success. We acknowledge the sacrifices you’ve made and the unwavering dedication you’ve shown in nurturing the aspirations of your rugby league stars. Your role in this exciting journey is deeply valued.

Encouragement for Those Who Missed the Cut

For the aspiring athletes who didn’t secure a position in the Norths Devils RLFC squad on this occasion, it’s important to recognise that being a part of our club holds a value beyond the team roster. Our club is a supportive community that fosters a love for the game. We wholeheartedly acknowledge your dedication and desire to be a part of the Devils. We encourage you to continue honing your skills, participating in school and community rugby league, and nurturing your passion for the sport.

Squad Announcement: 

We extend our congratulations to the 47 remarkable young men who have earned a place in the 2024 Cyril Connell U17 train-on squad. While there’s much work ahead of us before the season commences, your selection is a testament to your unwavering commitment and perseverance that has caught the attention of our coaching staff.

We eagerly anticipate working with you and maintaining the standard of dedication that has already set you apart. As we look ahead, we are committed to nurturing your success and personal growth, both on and off the field.

Here is your 2024 Red Rock Recruitment U17 Train-on Squad:

  1. Aleki Schuster
  2. Angus Tagicakibau
  3. Archie Mesritz
  4. Benjamin DiDonna
  5. Bond Bradley
  6. Cortez Kirkpatrick
  7. Dallas Davidson
  8. Damon Humphrys
  9. Devante Timu
  10. Devine Andrews
  11. Dyer Akauola
  12. Eden Tokuma
  13. Ethan Grimshaw
  14. Fynn Dalton
  15. George Joseph
  16. Harper Enasio
  17. Hayden Polson
  18. Hayden Smith
  19. Issac Rauluni
  20. Jack Corby
  21. Jai Patterson
  22. Jarah Chaseling
  23. Jared Charles-Horne
  24. Kanon Phillips
  25. Keyarn Peen
  26. Lachlan Mason
  27. Latrell Henry
  28. Leo Henry
  29. Lincoln Dalton
  30. Lincoln Manuel
  31. Mason Phillips
  32. Montgomery Betham
  33. Oli Patterson
  34. Olley Spicer
  35. Oscar Vukovich
  36. Romarion Tuitama
  37. Ryan Johnson
  38. Ryan Lopez
  39. Shakur Rivers
  40. Shannon Bishop
  41. Sonny Herdegen
  42. Tai Kapaith
  43. Taoso Taoso
  44. Timahna Tandy
  45. VJ Vialau

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