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The RISE Program is coming to the Devils!

Looking for a pathway to the Hostplus Cup? It all starts with RISE!

Routine, Identity, Socialise, Evolve!

The RISE Rugby League Development Program provides aspirational Junior Rugby League players (girls and boys Under 13 – Under 15 years) and coaches with an avenue to obtain specialised training and education through a holistic Rugby League development experience.

The program assists young people who aspire to become better players through various sessions, which will be run at the Devils for juniors clubs in our catchment.

The 2022 RISE program will be run nationally. The program consists of 5 face to face sessions delivered throughout the season culminating in games and an accreditation course across varying dates from March to October for players, coaches and support staff. 

For more information and to be apart of the Norths Devils RISE program, contact Troy Duncan on 0458 450 797 or complete the form below.

Information is also available at:

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