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Jack is back for 2021

Norths Devils captain Jack Ahearn says he never had a doubt about returning to the Devils for 2021.

As with all of the Devils team, he was disappointed when the season was called off after only one match due to COVID.

“It was a bit frustrating.. I was looking forward to a really exciting year. We had a really good preseason.”

The Devils won their round 1 Intrust Super Cup match against the Cutters.

“You’ll have to ask Crutch – it might be the first season the Devils went undefeated!”

Part of his disappointment was due to the amount of work the team had put into preseason and how they felt about the season ahead.

“I thought we had a really good opportunity this year but it wasn’t to happen”

But a year off footy has had some benefits for Jack who is a father to two young children.

“I have spent more time with my kids and my wife…It was positive to give my body a rest, it’s the first time my body has had a rest in a long time”

Now he is looking forward to picking up where he left off in November.

“Watching the NRL has made me hungry and made me want to chase that championship even more”

Jack Ahearn kicks the winning field goal in Round 1 of 2020.

There was no hesitation in returning to Norths for Jack:

“It was always going to be back at Norths. I’m not sure if it’s my 4th season or 3.2 but I’m excited to be back”

Jack has also kept a keen eye on his team mates playing in the BRL competition.

“It’s always good to chat to a few boys from Wests and Valleys.. the boys are growing at the moment so hopefully either Wests or Valleys take it out”

A number of Devils from 2018 and 2019 have also featured for the Broncos including Herbie Farnworth, Sean O’Sullivan, Ethan Bullemor, Jordan Riki, and Cory Paix.

“Yeah very proud of those boys, I keep in contact with Riki and Herbie and Uncle Brian a lot.. so really excited to see them progress”

The Norths Devils are excited to welcome Jack back for 2021, his dedication to the club, skill and leadership on the field, and passion for community work make him an ideal person to lead our team back onto the field.

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