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Devils assistants outpace Broncos speedster

It was a race for the ages at the Devils training when Broncos speedster Herbie Farnworth joined a sprint between Devils trainers Kevin and Kyle.

Herbie is one of the fastest players on Brisbane Broncos book, clocking over 10m per second at intensity training.

Even Herbie was no match for on field Norths assistants Kyle and Kevin who raced each other in one of the greatest sporting showdowns ever seen at the famous North Devils’ Bishop Park.

The Norths players looked on and cheered in amazement as the two hero’s went head to head giving their all.

As you can see from the video clip the race was more or less a honourable draw as the real winners were Kyle and Kevin who are idolised by the Norths staff and players for the stirling work they carry out and being a marvelous inspiration to all.

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