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Doing it for Laura

North Devils Rugby League club send their best wishes to 19 year old English student Laura Nuttall who has been diagnosed with terminal brain tumours.

Laura went to junior school with North Devils and Brisbane Broncos player Herbie Farnworth; they share the same Birth Date and lived close to each other back in England.

Laura actually played in the same village school rugby team as Herbie which was coached by Herbie’s uncle Brian Foley. The tiny village team impressed everyone and gained what was described as a tremendous sporting achievement when they won the Lancashire county cup, what was more amazing, none of the pupils had played the game up to this stage.

Laura displayed the same fighting spirit and bravery throughout the competition that she is displaying now. Family and friends have raised thousands of dollars to pay for special treatment in order to gain a cure for Lauru.

Herbie and Brian donned their ” I am doing it for Laura “ hoodies from England on Saturday night after the Devils victory against the PNG Hunters. When Herbies team mates discovered this they too wanted to pay their tributes to Luara making a heart warming statement that their thoughts are with her. “ You can do it Laura”

Any donations towards Laura’s cause are welcome and can be done here:

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